Null is a co-op strategy game where you rely on each other to take down other hackers. It is still being worked on, and is in the early concept stages so there's not much to show. Since it's still in development, not much has been shared publically about it.

There is a compeitive mode where you go against other hacker teams, instead of AI. And a gamemode where you try to hack and destory as many files and things as possible.

Build your skill in making tools to hack others easier, and unlock new abilities to use. Or upgrade yourself in aiding your hacker companion, to help him hack companies, governments and more. But beware who you hack, as they might have defenses and traps, in cyberspace and in the physical world.

Null Wiki (Private for now)

Job Person
Project Manager MCE626
Lead 3D Modeler Tic-toc26
Lead Animator CrazyGuy15052
Lead Audio --
Lead Programmer MCE626