Edge: Universal War is a scifi first person shooter game. It is still being worked on, and is in the early concept stages so there's not much to show. Since it's still in development, not much has been shared publically about it.

There are several alien species from different areas of the universe. There are still humans, as you play as one of them. All these different life forms will have to work together, form an allience and fight for the dangers that pursue. It's your job to not screw up.

In adition with 3 other new allies, they have their own languages, styles, weapons and abilities.

Use the Wisp's abilities to go stealth and do spying missions. If caught, their higher armor rating will help you escape.
If you're not getting the enemies off your tail, then use the Sidrig's abilities to quickly get out with their speed.
If that isn't working, then you need firepower. Literally and as in DPS, Egons have the weapons to destroy enemies, buildings and more. They got your back.
You have the tech that can help the allied parties and vanquish the enemy from taking what's yours.

Edge Wiki (Private for now)

Job Person
Project Manager Tic-toc26
Lead 3D Modeler Tic-toc26
Lead Animator CrazyGuy15052
Lead Audio --
Lead Programmer MCE626