Xendric has several departments or divisions. Right now the only one that's really in use is the Game Department.

We don't have too many people in the company, so we're just focusing on getting money with the game department. Once we're a bit known and don't have to worry about getting money, we'll expand more on the other departments.

  • Tic-toc26 - Founder
  • CrazyGuy15052 - Founder, Chief Finace Officer (CFO (For now)), Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Guybot1001 - Founder
  • MCE626 - Founder, Webmaster/Website Admin
  • Xendric Interactive

    This is our game development department. This is the most active right now as we're working on games to get some money. Originally named Cake Studios Games when first created, it has now known as Xendric Interactive. This was the first department to be made, and later the other departments were created. This was the parent company, then we thought we would do a Xendric Corporation part and make that the parent of all the smaller departments.

    This department was founded on September 2nd, 2013.

    Games made by us.

  • Tic-toc26 - Lead 3D Modeler
  • CrazyGuy15052 - Lead Animator
  • Guybot1001 - 3D Modeler, Graphics Artist
  • MCE626 - Lead Programmer
  • Xendric Sciences

    This is our science department. We haven't done too much of science experiments, and certainly haven't discovered anything new. After getting a stable income, we will expand more on this department.

    We do have a public science record, right now it's just random stuff we've been doing with science. View Records.

  • Guybot1001 - Head of Astronomy Department
  • Tic-toc26 - Head of Biology Department
  • MCE626 - Head of Chemistry Department
  • Bramnet - Head of Physics Department
  • CrazyGuy15052 - Head of Psychology Department
  • NOTE: None of us have a degree in science, we just like to mess around. Which is probably why our records aren't as exciting as you might think they are.

    Xendric Technologies

    Thre isn't that much to this department, but it's here because of the other departments. Website, game servers, source control for developing games, etc.

  • CrazyGuy15052 - Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • MCE626 - Webmaster/Website Admin