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Want to Join Us?

(Post has been made before, but there was site issues so I had to remake it..)

Hey there people! If you want to join us in making epic games, then feel free to! We mainly use Discord for communication so it helps if you have that, link to our server below. There is a channel named #apply-xendric where you can post links and stuff of your work and talk to us about adding you to our team.

Now I do have to say that since we're a freshly baked cookie, this company has no income. We haven't released any games to get money off of, so for a while you will have to have another job for the money. (Like a Dishwasher/Busser or a Pizza Delivery Guy (No literally, one of us is))

Once there is an income for this company, people will be paid. We pretty much need any job that is involved with making a game as we only have 4 people who do things. You don't need a degree to be hired, but it can help.


So if you want to join us in making some awesome games, hit us up! (Not literally, that would hurt.)

Discord Server

Slight Changes

Did some slight changes to the site. As you might notice that the rest of the pages aren't in /htdocs/page any more, it's now just xendric.net/page instead. However, this news blog thing was being weird when installed in the root folder, the admin page that allows me to make posts was doing weird things. So I had to install the blog in xendric.net/blog folder...

Aside from that, the rest of the pages are just xendric.net/page instead xendric.net/htdocs/page 

I tried reinstalling the news blog and it didn't really fix anything, so I just ended up installing it into the /blog folder. So the other posts aren't there since it has been reinstalled..

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