First off we're a newly formed company so you'll need a seperate job for money since we aren't making any yet. Once there's an income, money will be distributed.

We pretty much need any job that is involved with making a game, as we only have 4 people right now. You don't need a degree to be hired, but it helps.
You will also need to show some of your works for us to see the kinda of things you do and your style.

We use Discord for communication, text and voice. There is a channel on our server named #apply-xendric where you can post links and stuff for applying.
We use Unreal Engine for our games.

Or you can send an email to our email address.

  • Tic-toc26 - Lead 3D Modeler
  • MCE626 - Lead Programmer, Webmaster/Website Admin
  • CrazyGuy15052 - Lead Animator, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Guybot1001 - 3D Modeler, Graphics Artist