Xendric Interactive is a game studio that was founded by a group of friends on September 2nd, 2013.

The company was formed by Sean "Tic-toc26" and Steve "MCE626" on a bus going back to school from an off campus class. Later that day the other two founders, Drew "CrazyGuy15052" and Nick "Guybot1001", were told about an idea for a game. We have games in the works, unfortunately no games have really been released.

You can follow us @XI_Devs. Aside from making games, we also have a science department for no reason.

Departments of Xendric include:

  • Game Department - Xendric Interactive
  • Science Department - Xendric Sciences
  • Technology Department - Xendric Technologies
  • Game department is really the only one in use.

    Our Staff


    Founder, Lead 3D Modeler


    Founder, Lead Programmer, Webmaster/Website Admin


    Founder, Lead Animator, Chief Finace Officer (CFO (For now)), Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


    Founder, 3D Modeler, Graphics Artist